Extraordinary maintenance of the road pavement and landslide slopes of S.S. 290 at Km 38+750.

Infrastructure design
Roads and Highways.

Executive design, Safety Coordination during the design phase.



Total Amount

1.977.735,08 euro

Execution period

2019 - 2021

The service concerns the executive design of the “Extraordinary maintenance works for the road pavement instability at km 38+750 of S.S. 290, downstream of the collapsed rocky slope on 28/03/2012, for the reopening of the State Road”. The State Road in question is SS 290, and the section involved is between km 35+000 and 36+100. SS 290 connects SS 120 dell’Etna and delle Madonie near the junction “Madonuzza” (municipality of Petralia Soprana) with SS 121 Catanese near the quadrivium “Misericordia” (municipalities of Calascibetta and Enna). Along its route, SS 290 passes through the inhabited centers of Alimena in the province of Palermo and Calascibetta in the province of Enna. Furthermore, SS 290 is considered by many road users as a valid alternative to SS 121 Catanese to reach Palermo from Catania. Currently, the slope is affected by landslides that have caused various structural and road instabilities. The project involves six different consolidation interventions of various nature and consistency, aimed at stabilizing the landslide slopes and consolidating the existing masonry structures, known as “tombotti.” Various types of retaining walls with head beams have been planned and designed to accommodate safety barriers of different geometries. A specific intervention concerns the consolidation of the tombotti, developed to safeguard the existing structure while ensuring the functionality of the crossing structure (tombotto) at the existing natural drainage areas. The project also includes the construction of hydraulic crossings, the reconstruction of the water collection and disposal system for the platform and slope, the reshaping of the road sections involved with binder and the resurfacing of the wearing course, the installation of safety barriers, vertical and horizontal signage, etc.

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