Construction work for a roundabout in Contrada Dente, Crocicchia, Modica (RG) Italy

Modica (RG, ITALY
Infrastructure design
Roads and motorways

Executive Design, Supervision, Safety coordination in the design and execution phase


Municipality of Modica

Total Amount

3.476.694,16 euro

Execution period

2017 - 2022

The project includes the executive design, supervision and safety coordination in the design and execution phase and construction accounting for the construction of a roundabout in Contrada Dente – Crocicchia.

Among the most important works to be acknowledged are:

  • Execution of reinforced concrete structures in relation to the geological characteristics of the crossing ground points in correspondence with the hydraulic manhole;
  • Rock mass characterization and support design;
  • Use of recycled aggregates (RA) in the construction of road sub-bases and embankments;
  • Adaptation to standards for road design, construction and maintenance;
  • Construction of retaining walls;
  • Adaptation of road margins and, vertical and horizontal signposting;
  • Hydraulic engineering work;
  • Burying overhead lines;
  • Reconstruction of water mains;
  • Environmental reclamation work;
  • Public lighting installations;
  • Road superstructure and road pavement.

During the construction phase, reinforcing the rock wall by laying a high resistance to weathering Gabion net anchored with bars was unavoidable. This was due to the characteristics of the rock mass stretching alongside the road characterised by the presence of a trench slope with an average height of about 6 metres.
The work aimed to stabilise the sub-vertical escarpment wall, and at the same time, to keep the construction work within the boundaries of the expropriated building area.
In order to improve the project both from an environmental and an architectural point of view, the present detailed variant surveillance analyses provided for the optimisation and choice of materials, tree essences and design solutions.

The optimisation of the environmental layout covered the entire intervention, and included the re-greening of the central islands of the two roundabouts, the re-greening of the channelling islands and road easement as well as other areas worthy of being embellished.

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