Structural monitoring by carrying out GPR scanning inside the tunnels of the A20 Messina – Palermo motorway, ITALY

Messina - Palermo, ITALY
Construction supervision
Construction Supervision – Tunnels and Geotechnical engineering

Contract Execution Management


Consortium of the Sicilian Motorways

Total Amount

1.312.871,00 euro

Execution period

2021 - 2023

Contract Management involves structural defect detection based on mobile GPR scanning, from the Villafranca Tunnel to the Campofelice Tunnel along the A20 Messina – Palermo motorway. Specifically, we carry out structural and geotechnical investigations, as well as inspections in all the A20 Messina – Palermo motorway tunnels, for a total of 105 km of motorway tunnels in both directions.

Among the most important work to be acknowledged are the following:

  1. Motorway tunnel defect detection;
  2. Thermographic investigations;
  3. Laser-scanner survey;
  4.  Tests to measure carbonation depth;
  5. Non-destructive tests;
  6.  Collection of cylindrical concrete samples for laboratory analysis (density, compressive strength, elastic modulus);
  7.  Sampling of steel rods for laboratory tests (tensile strength and elongation at yield);
  8. GPR scanning.

Visual field inspections were carried out using appropriate survey diagrams prepared by the Contract Execution Management team, in compliance with the 2020 Tunnel Inspection Manual and the Italian Guidelines on Risk Classification and Management of Tunnels. The data were then returned, after having identified the defects and deterioration, and the consequent Corrective Actions (CA), Non-Conformities (NC) and Preventive Actions (PA) were determined in order to remove the causes which had causing the damage for the subsequent conservative restoration of the tunnels.

Reorganisation of images, data and investigation results.

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