Demolition and reclamation interventions of the slums in Messina.

Messina, ITALIA
Infrastructure design

Detailed and Executive Design, Safety Coordination during the design phase.


Government Special Commissioner for the redevelopment of the slums in the City of Messina.

Total Amount

9.946.827,00 euro

Execution period


The project involves the demolition and reclamation interventions of the slums in Messina, covering a total area of approximately 8 hectares, corresponding to about 282,000 cubic meters of shacks to be demolished for the subsequent regeneration of urban spaces. The targeted slums include the neighborhoods and districts of Camaro Sottomontagna, Rione Taormina, Rosso da Messina, Rione Annunziata, Largo Diogene, etc., in the municipality of Messina. The assignment is given by the implementing body, the Government Special Commissioner for the redevelopment of the slums in the city of Messina (according to Article 11 ter of Legislative Decree 44 of April 1, 2021, converted with amendments by Law 76 of May 28, 2021).

The areas characterized by densely packed and degraded housing, commonly referred to as “shacks” or “slums,” have become an established reality in the city of Messina, tarnishing its urban image. The shacks in Messina originated from the severe situation caused by the 1908 earthquake, which completely destroyed the city. The atmosphere of urgency and despair, which did not allow for the wait for a comprehensive planning tool for land management, drove the population to construct initially temporary structures made of lightweight and poor materials, which quickly transformed into real urban settlements.

Once the post-earthquake emergency condition was overcome, the temporary nature of the shacks began to solidify into a reality and everyday life for many citizens, paving the way for illegal construction.

Currently, the areas subject to intervention are characterized by dense clusters of dilapidated shacks made of brick or plasterboard walls, wooden or tiled roofs, or plastic or, worse, asbestos-cement panels. The interior environments, not meeting the hygienic-sanitary requirements dictated by regulations for civilian housing, do not provide suitable living conditions for entire families.

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