Interventions for the relocation of the Sub-Intensive Therapy (TSI) department at the Umberto I Hospital in Enna

Infrastructure design

Executive Design, Coordinator for Safety in the Design Phase


Structure of the Commissioner's Delegate, Implementing Body of the Commissioner's Delegate according to Ordinance 25/2020

Total Amount

3.325.705,49 euro

Execution period


The service concerns the preparation of the executive project for the interventions aimed at relocating the Sub-Intensive Therapy (TSI) department at the Umberto I Hospital in Enna. The assignment is given by the Implementing Body of the Commissioner’s Structure according to Ordinance 25/2020. The initiation of the executive design procedure falls within the framework of a process to adapt the facility to the current Covid-19 epidemiological emergency affecting the entire regional and national territory.

The project involves the construction of 8 TSI beds and a radiology department on the raised floor of the building. The area affected by the works is approximately 910 square meters. The allocation of the sub-intensive therapy unit has required the restructuring of the existing functional areas in order to provide the new area with efficient and functional management characteristics, in line with the provisions of Decree 890 of June 17, 2002, which establishes directives for the institutional accreditation of healthcare facilities in the Sicilian Region, as well as subsequent updates and integrations.

The interventions included in the executive project concern the installation of the medical gas system, which involves the preparation and accommodation of new medical gas stations in the external areas in front of the former CISS building. This includes the construction of weakly reinforced concrete slabs to house the medical gas stations. The project will include the installation of oxygen, medical air, and vacuum systems. Additionally, the construction of a warm room is planned.

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