Demolition and reconstruction works of the bridge at km 25+267 of S.S. 340 dir in the Municipality of Sorico (CO)

Infrastructure design
Bridges and Viaducts

Detailed and Executive Design


3TI for ANAS S.p.A.

Total Amount


Execution period

2021 - 2022

The service concerns the preparation of the executive project for the demolition and reconstruction works of the bridge at km 25+267 of S.S. 340 dir in the Municipality of Sorico (CO). The executive project includes the demolition of only the bridge deck over the Sorico stream, which currently shows evident widespread degradation, while leaving the existing abutments in place. Subsequently, the construction of a new deck with a mixed steel-concrete slab (HEA 1000 beams and concrete) is planned, supported by cushion beams founded on piles. The deck has a length of 20.8 m and a width of 7.50 m.

The adopted design solution is strongly constrained in terms of the configuration of the road platform, considering the existing situation in terms of levels and the overall dimension of the roadway, as the latter is accompanied on the left side (in the direction of increasing progressive numbers) by a pedestrian walkway owned by the municipality, which will not undergo reconfiguration. Therefore, the road platform follows the same dimensions of lanes and shoulders as the current section of S.S. 340 dir running on the Sorico bridge deck, resulting in a platform width of 6.50 m, consisting of two 3.00 m lanes and two 0.25 m shoulders.

During the entire duration of the demolition and reconstruction works, traffic along S.S. 340 dir will be redirected to a temporary road, allowing for its “reconnection”. Specifically, this temporary road will consist of a bypass for vehicles to exit/re-enter S.S. 340 dir. The crossing of the Sorico stream will be facilitated by the construction of a temporary embankment placed on an ARMCO pipe, ensuring the natural and smooth flow of water. This road layout is temporary and functional for redirecting traffic during the demolition and reconstruction phase of the Sorico bridge.

It is also important to note that the design approach for the intervention ensures the utmost guarantee for the preservation of the existing historic trees. The presence of two tall lime trees at the junction of the temporary road requires their removal, maintenance, and subsequent replanting after the demolition of the temporary road.

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