Works for the redevelopment and integration of road safety systems on the A/20 Messina – Palermo route.

Construction supervision
Roads and Highways

Construction management


Consortium for Sicilian Highways

Total Amount

14.284.930,00 euro

Execution period

2022 in progress

The service involves the redevelopment and integration of road safety systems in compliance with current regulations on the stretch of the A/20 Motorway between the Cefal├╣ and Buonfornello junctions in both directions. The objective is to upgrade the safety barriers on the viaducts and embankments along the mentioned section using new high-performance safety barrier technologies that comply with the latest regulatory provisions (D.M. LL.PP. 18/02/1992 n.223 – D.M. 03/06/1998 and D.M. 11/06/1999 and D.M. 21/06/2004 and subsequent amendments and integrations), to contain any out-of-control vehicle within the roadway.

The replacement of all existing outdated barriers with high-performance barriers that comply with the latest regulatory provisions is planned for significant sections of existing road segments, following a specific priority.

The section subject to intervention in this project is characterized by the presence of numerous high and long structures equipped with outdated barriers with a maximum height (h max) of 60 cm that pass through inhabited areas (six viaducts with a total length of almost 5 km).

In the development of the barrier project, the following activities have been carried out:

Definition of the minimum safety barrier class for the various infrastructure elements included in the project.
Definition of the installation methods for the different types of barriers, based on the construction characteristics of the road edges and structures.

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