Upgrading of safety barriers for the Portelle, Comunello, Capraria, Guggino viaducts along the A19 Palermo Catania.

Construction supervision
Bridges and viaducts.

Safety Coordination during the Execution phase



Total Amount

5.256.330,42 euro

Execution period


The service concerns the Safety Coordination during the Execution Phase of extraordinary maintenance works for the upgrading of the metal safety barriers of the Comunello viaduct at prog. 54+100.00, Capraria viaduct at prog. 54+515.00, Guggino viaduct at prog. 54+619.00, and Portelle viaduct at prog. 53+504.00 in the territory of the municipalities of Caltavuturo and Scillato.

The viaducts involved in these works are located in the stretch of the A19 between Buonfornello and Scillato.

The planned repair interventions for the viaducts consist of restoring the damaged elements or parts to their original configuration, improving the resistance and ductility characteristics of both damaged and undamaged elements or parts, eliminating local collapse mechanisms, upgrading the safety barriers, replacing expansion joints, regulating platform drainage, and resealing the bridge deck and road surface.

The construction areas, located on both carriageways of the A19 Palermo-Catania at the Comunello, Capraria, Guggino, and Portelle viaducts, are divided into two levels:

The first level is at the road surface level, between the road deck and the intrados at the edges of the side cantilever slabs.
The second level is at ground level, corresponding to the footprint area of the viaducts.
The construction activities within the footprint areas are limited to the installation of fences and road signage to prevent material falling hazards.

On the carriageway level, all planned interventions are carried out, including the road surface (e.g., joints and pavement) as well as the edge beams and slabs. Logistic and operational areas for the construction site are also set up at the same level.

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